Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Little Black Box

I always enjoy sharing with you, the life lessons that I am continually being taught, and more often learning the hard way. (Just my stubborn hard-headedness my mom used to say I had. God rest her soul... I am so sorry Mom, LOL I totally understand now where you were coming from!) These are what I have coined #adoseoftruth ... and sometimes I just get blown away by concepts that are so simple in nature, but have a super profound impact on every aspect of our life...

For example: Each and every minute of the day is filled with Stimulus > Response scenarios... You know, the whole "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..." thing?

Something stimulates us and *POOF* we respond to it... Good, bad or anywhere in between. What I have recently been working on realizing though, is that we do indeed have a choice that we are presented with in between the stimulus and our response, and THAT is where the power really resides... Kind of in a secret hiding place of sorts... for sake of conversation, we will call it The Black Box.

I mean really, how often do we just react to something without first asking ourselves... "What is an appropriate response to this situation? What response will yield the most favorable results for everyone involved?" Quite frankly, we don't. We just forge ahead, emotions usually leading the way, ending up with an often less-than-stellar result, and then...The Blame Game is cracked open and we roll out the Dice of You Do This, You Don't Do That. Yeah, that's always fun.

Holy cow!! How different could our lives be if we could just harness the incredible power of that black box between the Stimulus and our Response... And just take a moment to ground ourselves there before we forge ahead!?

I sincerely pray today, that we all will be able to take notice of that special space and our choices that we have there. We can literally change our lives and the lives of those we love, and the ripple effect will continue beyond what we could ever imagine. Keep your eyes open! Opportunities knock constantly.

Until the next dose,