Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Small Creatures, Big Lessons.

Today on my walk, I intentionally went a little slower and looked up. The whole way once I got to a certain part of my route, because I had noticed something the day before and today I was determined to count them. 27... 27 spiders (that I could see) have made their own high rise apartments in the power lines that run between all the people homes. I normally hate spiders, but today (because they were 20ft above my head) they taught me a life lesson. You see, they're spiders. They have one purpose in life... Eat insects, and eat them often.

So they simply do what God designed them to do. They build a remarkable home for themselves in the form of a geometrically woven piece of silky, sticky thread that is somehow magically produced by their own bodies, and that home doubles as a live trap to catch their food. I guarantee you they aren't worrying about where that thread will come from or if there will be enough of it to go around, or if they can climb high enough to get by the light source which attracts all the delicious treats. I promise you they aren't fretting over having enough food to eat or where it's going to come from... They just trust the process of their life.

I want to be like the spider. I want to do what God designed me to do. I don't want to worry about where things I need are going to come from or if there will be enough to go around. I don't want to fear climbing high enough to get to the source of that which nourishes me. I desire so much just to trust the process of my life. And to just live.

So today, learn a lesson with me from the spiders... The littlest beings of Creation are the best teachers. ❤️

Until the next #doseoftruth,
Shannon Busick