Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy Birthday FlyDesign!

5 years ago today - An Anniversary  Reflection:
2 weeks prior, I had gotten unexpectedly let go from my job at a time when life finally felt as if it was going to level out a bit. Of course I now realize I was naive, because as many of us know, life never levels out for too long... there's always a dip, a drop, a sharp curve, or a cliff's edge waiting for us at the next corner. But I indeed felt lost, disappointed, defeated, and a sense of betrayal.

Regardless of how real those feelings were, with Hope in my gut, I made a decision at that particular cliff's edge... To jump. There was no security net there to catch me, yet my foot did not strike the stone below. Little by little, I grew wings on the way down... And over time, I began to fly.

That cliff's name was Entrepreneurship. And my little corner of that world would become an entity known as FlyDesign. Over the last 5 years, my purpose has gained clarity. I am no longer just the Freelance Graphic Designer I started out as... I am a Helper of Souls and a Lover of People. Sure, graphic design and brand development is a large part of what I do, it helps me to feed my family and put a roof over our heads, and I love everything about the Art of Visual Communication... But in 60 months, it's become so much larger than that!

People need to brand much more than just their businesses... They need to brand themselves, their families and their lifestyles. They need to jump off their own personal cliffs with Hope in their gut and nothing there to catch them if they fall. They need to grow their own wings on the way down! And if I can be the one to help someone do just that by their encounter with me, even if they never need the services my business can offer them... then I am truly living in my higher purpose!

So today I stand before you, on FlyDesign's 5th Birthday... And say thank YOU! Thanks for helping me grow, and learn to grow others. Thanks for referring design business and people who need LegalShield memberships my way... Thanks for the words of kindness and encouragement in letting me know that I have positively influenced you in some way at some point with something I have shared. It's because of you all that I will keep flourishing and helping people to better themselves.  

Cheers to the next 5 years and beyond!! Thanks for sharing in my Joy and Mission to be a change agent in the lives and hearts of people. -SB ❤️

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